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Kelp Blue 49 

Alaska’s clear cold waters are perfect for cultivating giant kelp and the state is poised to take a leadership position in mariculture with its rich mariculture history and local knowledge.

Monday MAY 1: Community Engagement Evening at VocTEC Center in Klawock. 5:30 welcome, 6:00 start.

Tuesday MAY 2: Community Engagement Evening at the Sunnahae Hotel Craig 5:30 welcome, 6:00 start.

Wednesday MAY 3: Naukati Bay 6:00 pm start.

Beverages and Snacks provided. 

 We applied for a 120 acre license in April 2022 to operate a giant kelp farm in Sea Otter Sound, on the Prince of Wales Island.  All processing will take place in the vicinity of the farm. We are currently busy fostering the sales and logistics channels to support a new mariculture business. Our operations will generate 20+ new full-time jobs in environmental monitoring, engineering and kelp processing (plus dozens of indirect jobs) in our first year of operation.


Please contact us if you have any questions: