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Kelp Blue Careers

We’re not a  ‘business as usual’ start-up. We value originality and creativity, expect a healthy dose of common sense, that you are a problem solver by nature and that you’re comfortable getting on with tasks in an unstructured environment. We’re a collection of divers, sculptors, sailors, explorers and nature lovers who are not afraid of adventure and share the same end goal.

Current Openings

 If you feel like you’re a good fit, please submit your information below. You might be what we are looking for and we don’t even know it.

We’re always on the look out for those who want to join us on our journey to leave the planet in a better place.  Send us an email with your resume to:


Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We are looking for someone to join us for 3 months to help us up our financial game. Help us streamline reporting, optimise our legal structures, ensure we’re compliant and help us restore marine biodiversity. 

Chief Operating Officer

Location: Amsterdam and the world

We are looking to hire a spectacular multi-faceted COO. You will be responsible for the integrity and effectiveness of our business.

The COO is a key member of the senior management team. You will control diverse business operations across geographies of stupendous natural beauty: Namibia, New Zealand, Alaska…

Internship: Marine Researcher (must love diving)

Location: Luderitz, Namibia

We’re  looking for an enthusiastic ocean explorer to help us with our marine monitoring activities.

Come join us on our journey to draw down CO2 and restore marine biodiversity by cultivate giant kelp forests in the offshore ocean of Lüderitz. We have a small (but growing) kelp forest that requires weekly monitoring and inspection.

Reach out!

We would love to hear from you.  Don’t forget to let us know what position you are interested in.