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Kelp Blue


We’re a collection of divers, sculptors, sailors, explorers and nature lovers who are not afraid of adventure and share the same end goal.

We’re not a  ‘business as usual’ scale-up. We value originality and creativity, expect a healthy dose of common sense, that you are a problem solver by nature and that you’re comfortable getting on with tasks in an unstructured environment.

If you feel like you’re a good fit, please get in touch. You might be what we are looking for and we don’t even know it.

We’re always on the look out for those who want to join us on our journey to leave the planet in a better place. Send us an email with your resume to

Open positions

Head of Logistics and Supply Chain

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are looking for a Head of Logistics who will oversee all logistics operations within Kelp Blue Biotech, ensuring efficient and effective management of the product lifecycle from the moment of that the products roll off of the production line to the distribution of finished goods all over the world. This role is crucial in maintaining the highest standards of quality assurance, operational efficiency, and compliance with global shipping and customs regulations.


Sales Lead

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are looking for a Sales Lead at Kelp Blue who will play a crucial role in expanding the commercial scope of the company in a determined region. With our production capacities ramping up fast, your responsibility will be to sign develop the client portfolio in the selected countries. Clients could range from farmers to distributors and large agriculture-related companies.


New Product Development Lead

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are looking for a New Product Development Lead at Kelp Blue who will play a pivotal role in driving establishing new product verticals. Our seaweed  can be used in so many different ways— You will be listening to the market and relaying this back to the product development team, you will be key in defining the product development strategy with a heavy focus on ensuring these new products generate revenue. You will be building strong relationships with potential buyers of our products and exploring industries where seaweed could be used as an input material. Think of leather, textiles, neutraceuticals, pharmaceutucals and bioplastics. You will work closely with the leadership team to create and implement sales strategies, build a client portfolio, and leverage market opportunities to capture significant market share for these innovative products. 


Logistics Coordinator and Inventory Specialist

Location: Lüderitz, Namibia

We are looking for a skilled Logistics Coordinator and Inventory Specialist who will play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth delivery of high-quality products derived from kelp. Your responsibilities will include overseeing logistics processes, meticulously managing documentation, and maintaining precise control over our inventory. Additionally, you will provide essential support to the Processing and Operations team to facilitate the timely shipment of products to Europe. We are seeking an individual who shares our passion for the health of the planet and oceans.

Marine Monitoring Internship

Location: Akaroa, New Zealand

We are looking for an enthusiastic ocean lover with a passion for diving and marine conservation. As an intern, you’ll work closely with our small and dedicated team to play a vital role in our mission to restore marine biodiversity and draw down CO2 by cultivating giant kelp forests. This 3 month internship offers hands-on experience in marine science and aquaculture, including underwater surveying, data collection, and deployment of kelp from our hatchery to our farm structures in Akaroa Harbour.

Internship Mushrooms Biostimulant Developer

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

We are looking for a science-driven entrepreneurial intern eager to play a key role in mushroom cultivation at scale.
Are you willing to grow with the Kelp Blue team by learning the inside out of Mushroom to build a product targeting specific needs and requirements with our internal team?

Seaweed Production Specialist

Location: Lüderitz, Namibia

We are seeking a dedicated and experienced Production Specialist to lead our nursery/hatchery operations. In this role, you will manage a team of lab and hatchery professionals and work closely with experts across various departments including engineering, operations, harvesting, processing, agronomy, and marketing/sales.

Internship: Marine Researcher (must love diving)

Location: Luderitz, Namibia

We’re  looking for an enthusiastic ocean explorer to help us with our marine monitoring activities.

Come join us on our journey to draw down CO2 and restore marine biodiversity by cultivate giant kelp forests in the offshore ocean of Lüderitz. We have a small (but growing) kelp forest that requires weekly monitoring and inspection.

R&D Specialist

Location: Luderitz, Namibia or Amsterdam, the Netherlands

We are looking to hire a spectacular multi-faceted new team member. You will help us understand how we can effectively extract valuable compounds from seaweed and how we can optimally valorise them into marketable products, starting with alginates but also looking at fucoidans, pigments, proteins, pulp and more.

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