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Clips & behind the scenes


Kelp living up to its reputation as an ecosystem engineer.  Take a look at the biodiversity in our first kelp farm. 

Kelp Blue: Re-wilding the Oceans

If you only have time to watch one video, watch this one. Introducing Kelp Blue

Kelp Blue Namibia

The why of Kelp Blue. A message from Daniel Hooft, captured on the shores of Luderitz.


See our “Will it? Won’t it?” video of our journey to kelp growth.

Think Smarter: Harnessing the Wind

In Luderitz, we make do with little. We’re always encouraging each other to solve challenges with ingenuity and persistence.

Think Smarter: Sediment Sampling

As a pre-revenue start-up (little money), how do you take samples from the ocean floor? Create the contraption yourself!

Luderitz Schools Eco-Anchor Design Competition

Community Development: The youth of today will be the marine biologists specialists of tomorrow.

Helping Namibia's Farmers Grow Strong Crops

Crops do not like to being in distress. If it’s too dry, too hot, too wet, too cold to be comfortable, they don’t produce. We’re helping farmers increase their yield with our biostimulant.

Namibia’s Promising Future

When you just know you want to be an ocean entrepreneur, nothing stops you. This is Iriya’s story.

Kelp Blue Alaska

Short promotional film for our eventual entry into the Alaskan market.

Monaco Ocean Week 2021: Kelp Blue, NotPla, Algiknit and Huiberts

If you have time, a fascinating discussion between with the founders of Kelp Blue, NotPla and Algiknit.

Kelp Blue: Super Short

An intro for people who want a quick overview (but we do much much more than just this).