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Kelp Blue

To restore our planet to equilibrium, or even to abundance, we need to come together to find cost-effective, long term and environmentally sustainable solutions.

At Kelp Blue, we believe we’ve found one such solution: growing and managing large-scale Giant Kelp forests. These underwater forests safely lock away Co2 in the ocean.  

More importantly, these giant kelp forests also help sustain healthy marine ecosystems, providing food and shelter for countless species.

We harvest cultivated kelp to produce ingredients for agriculture, pharmaceuticals and textiles.

Our Locations


Namibia’s cold Benguela Currents off the coast of Luderitz are rich in nutrients and present the perfect conditions for growing macrocystis.

New Zealand

The Akaroa Harbour pilot farms are helping us to refine our cultivation techniques and understand the benefits of macrocystis on the environment.


Alaska’s clear cold waters are perfect for cultivating giant kelp and the state is poised to take a leadership position in mariculture.





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