the oceans

We plant kelp forests around the globe to boost the health of the oceans and lock away CO2 forever. 

We harvest the kelp canopy for sustainable agri-foods, fertiliser, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. 

Every year, humanity is using natural resources faster than our planet can renew them. 

Join us on our mission to enable sustainable industries, revitalise the health of the oceans, and leave the planet behind in a better place. And this requires:


Land Use


Fresh Water


Pesticides or Fertilisers


Why Kelp?

One of the fastest growing organisms on earth

It creates habitats for many marine species

It’s an amazingly efficient carbon sink

It can be sustainably and repeatedly harvested for at least 7 years

It provides valuable extracts including protein, cellulose, hydrocolloids, polyphenols, phlorotannins, mannitol, fucoidans, & bio-active compounds


Positive Impact


Sizeable CO2 drawdown and sequestration
Enhanced ocean biodiversity
Replenishment of fish stocks


Job creation in coastal communities
Increased ocean awareness
Inspiring, replicable nature-based solution


Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with substantial numbers

These goals are at the core of our operations and provides the framework within which we promote prosperity and protect the environment. 


Creation  of stable, skilled direct and indirect jobs in countries needing capacity growth


No waste
No chemicals
No fertilizer or pesticides
Net benefit to the environment


Our Kelp farms will sequester and offset 0.2-0.5 Gigatons of CO2 per year (2050 vision). That’s more Co2 than the Netherlands emits per year.


 Increase in localised marine biodiversity & ecosystem resilience
Reduction in ocean acidity
Major boost to regional, economically important fish stocks